• The Fountain of Youth

    Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is a freeware fan game project in a similar style to the 1992 classic Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. The game is in development and features brand new original art and animations in classic low-res style, a gripping story, advanced coding methods and original music.

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    The game is being constructed for free by a group of people who are fans of the Indiana Jones films, games and literature - and have experience with game design either as a hobby or through work. On completion, FoY will be completely free to download and play.


    • Chapters include Bimini, Europe & Asia
    • Over 150 hand-drawn rooms
    • Classic "Atlantis" GUI & mechanics
    • Puzzles, action and adventure
    • Antiqiuties, sidekicks & leather jackets!
  • History

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    "Fountain of Youth" began as a concept and script by Jocke Andersson circa 1999. Since then the project has grown in scale and ambition. In 2006, after many years pulling assets and ideas together, a playable demo was released. Since then, two further Christmas themed mini-games have been released, as well as several Flash animations. Production continues...

    In 2013 the team took the decision to split the game up and release it as Chapters. Development progresses but we are also recruiting for more talent to join us and ease the workload.

    The team is made up of keen game makers and creatives, including: Mark Lovegrove (CEO of Screen 7), Misja van Laatum (Artist), Jan Simon (Game developer), Paul Wilkinson (CEO of Subspark), Mutbrecht Asengard (Pixel artist). We are very grateful to everyone who has helped, donated and supported FoY over the years, we realize it has been a long while! If you feel you can help us with character art, animation or story get in touch. You can reach the team about recuirtment or general questions via goaskindiana@hotmail.co.uk

  • Development

    Join Dr. Jones as he exposes a deadly search for the fabelled Fountain of Youth. Indy and his friends will come between an ancient battle of races over the mysterious fountain. You guide him through all the fun and adventure linked with the myths & legends of the Fountain of Youth. Read full info on the old website!

    Latest Tech Release:
    We have been tinkering with fight sequences during the game. Although fights can typically be avoided and there will also be a mouse control option (see the 2006 demo), this little tech demo allows you to play against your friend using keyboard or Xbox controllers! Programmed by Jan "DKH" Simon.

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  • Media

    Flash Animations (opens in new window)
    2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007

    Mini-games (opens in new window)
    Passage of Saints - Temple of Spheres

    Wallpapers (opens in new window)
    "4 Corners" - 1024x768 - "Main Title" - 1024x768

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I have been waiting years! Where is it!?
    FoY is a hobby project, we work on it for fun and for free. Some aspects cannot be completed overnight, but peoples lives can change in such a short timespan. We work with respected developers to ensure the game is tip-top. Despite many hurdles, development continues!

    Q. Is FoY a sequel to Fate of Atlantis?
    FoY is a prequel to Fate of Atlantis. We've worked meticulously to keep the game canon and in sequence with all of Indy's other adventures. You can see how it slots in here:

    Q. Will there be a French/Spanish etc translation?
    We aim to bring you translations thanks to the many offers of help, but this can only be done when the game/chapters are released. All editions will be English in the first instance.

    Q. Will the game have voices, including Doug Lee?
    We plan to work with voice actors during the later stages of development, and who knows what cameos we will secure. If we have enough funds, we may approach Doug Lee for a leading role.